Consultancy services for development of a Digital Employment Services System for Belize


The Ministry of Rural Transformation, Community Development, Labour and Local Government is seeking to contract a qualified consultant for the development and implementation of a Digital Employment Services System for Belize.


The main objective of this consultancy is to develop and implement a modern, user-friendly, advanced Employment Service System that will enhance the Ministry’s ability to provide efficient labour administration services and facilitate job matching processes for employment in Belize.


Phase I: Systems Specification Document - A detailed document outlining the requirements, functionalities, and specifications of the Employment Services System based on consultation with stakeholders and the Ministry’s representatives to arrive at a consensus for the new system.

Phase II: Prototype of the Employment Services System - A complete working prototype of the system that showcases the user interface, features, and workflows for evaluation and feedback.

Phase III: Training Manual for the Employment Services System - A comprehensive manual that provides step-by-step instructions and guidance for users, such as Employment Officers, job seekers, and employers, on how to effectively use the Employment Services System.

Phase IV: Training Plan for Employment Officers - A plan outlining the training sessions and activities for Employment Officers to ensure a smooth transition and understanding of the system. This plan should also include feedback and highlight any limitations or issues identified during training sessions.

Phase V: Launch and an Operational System – A completion and launch of the Employment Services System, which involves coordinating with relevant stakeholders, ensuring system readiness, and providing any necessary training or support during the transition period.

Phase VI: Ongoing Support and Maintenance - A commitment to provide support and maintenance for the Employment Services System for one year.


Candidates seeking to undertake this consultancy should possess the following minimum qualifications and experience:

a) A master’s degree in information and communications Technology with specialization in systems development and implementation or a bachelor’s degree in information and communications Technologies with five years of related experience.

b) Expertise in systems analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of online platforms.

c) Experience in conducting thorough system testing and quality assurance to ensure a robust and error-free system.

d) Strong technical knowledge and understanding of modern information, technologies and best practices.

e) Demonstrated experience in developing user-friendly platforms with a focus on user experience.

f) Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively with multidisciplinary teams.

g) Proven track record of successfully delivering similar projects on time.


The proposal should consist of the following:

  1. A short cover letter (2 pages maximum): Introduce your organization, relevant experience, and why you are the ideal candidate to this project.
  2. Technical Plan: Detail your approach, methodology, and understanding of the project requirements.
  3. Implementation Plan: Provide a comprehensive timeline and outline key milestones for project execution.
  4. Team and qualifications: Highlight the relevant expertise of your team in similar projects.
  5. Curriculum vitae and current affiliation of relevant consultants if any.
  6. A price proposal that includes all consultant fees and related expenses.
  7. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.
  8. The full Terms of Reference may be requested from

Proposals must be submitted to:

Labour Commissioner

Ministry of Rural Transformation, Community Development, Labour and Local Government

5163 University Boulevard

Belmopan City, CAYO

All submissions must be made by Friday 20th October 2023 at 4:00pm