Welcome To The Department Of Labour Web Page

Welcome To The Department Of Labour Web Page

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Mission Statement

The Labour Department is responsible for delivering labour administration services to all stakeholders through the development and implementation of national labour laws and policies, consistent with international standards, in order to promote industrial harmony.

Vision Statement

To be a modern organization, committed to the socio-economic growth and development of Belize within the global environment, whilst providing quality labour administration services in collaboration with our social partners and related agencies.

Labour Portfolio

Labour Portfolio

Labour Relations Services

Labour Relations Services.

Employment Services

Not only does the Ministry provide labour administration services, but it also provides employment services.

Boards, Tribunals and Committees

Boards, Tribunals  and Committees.

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Have Questions?

Termination benefits may include adequate Notice Pay, Vacation Pay, Wages, and Severance Pay.

  • Section 37 of the Labour Act speaks about Notice period of terminate
  • Section 128 of the Labour Act speaks about Payment for Holiday (Vacation Leave)
  • Section 96 of the Labour Act speaks about Payment of wages
  • Section 183 of the Labour Act speaks about Severance Pay.

All employers should plan for business and operational risks and make provisions for them - in the context of contingency planning and business continuity. An employer may decide to re-organize its businesses, which is its prerogative. However, the provisions outlined in Section 45 of the Labour Act must be followed. Also, please note: that once the employee contract, oral or written, is in force, the employer is obligated to pay salary and benefits in accordance with the terms and conditions of the existing employment contract.

If the employer has decided on a redundancy strategy, they have a responsibility to give notice to their employees. Section 45 of the Labour Act sets out the mandatory requirements. Specifically, Section 45(3) of the Labour Act clearly sets out the process that is to be followed by the employer.

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