Rural Transformation Introduction

Solar Panels Delivered To Graham Creek
Solar Panels Delivered To Graham Creek

The Ministry of Rural Transformation, Community Development, Labour & Local Government was established by the direction of the Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister. The Rural Transformation portfolio includes rural development and rural water supply.

Although the portfolio includes those two areas, Rural Transformation works closely with Local Government to full fill its mandate as it relates to village governance. The Department works with Village Councils, Alcaldes, and Water Board who are recognized for local governance and democracy which is a vehicle for the empowerment of villages/communities.

The department is charged with fulfilling the government’s mandate of ensuring a sustained strategy to improve the quality of life of the low-income rural population by guaranteeing that the rural communities have access to safe and healthy water sources. In keeping up with this, we have been drilling for new water sources, and installing, repairing and servicing hand pumps. We have also been conducting maintenance of existing water systems and constructing new water systems where none exist.

The Department of Rural Transformation has been working with our partners on projects and programs to achieve sustainable development in rural areas.

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