Rural Development

Coordinator of Rural Development

Ms. Elsa Cardinez - Coordinator of Rural Transformation
Ms. Elsa Cardinez - Coordinator of Rural Transformation

The Coordinator is responsible to coordinate all activities related to the operations of the Department of Rural Transformation.

The coordinator oversees activities of the staff of the Unit, all operations of rural water and wastewater systems, electrical & mechanical systems and distribution networks, and coordinating activities with other departments, outside agencies, and the public.

The coordinator is responsible for oversight of the governance of Village Councils and Village Water Boards and liaises with the Director of Local Government to collaborate on activities related to liquor license, local government training, etc.

The Coordinator must ensure that laws and regulations of local governments are in compliance with the requirements of regulatory agencies.

Regional Coordinators (Northern & Southern)

The Regional Coordinator is responsible to coordinate all activities related to the operations of the Department of Rural Transformation in their respective regions. This person must demonstrate excellent communication skill and the ability to work successfully in a team environment and have the required technical, administrative, supervisory, people and project management skills. Regional Coordinators are responsible to:

  1. Supervise staff within their designated districts.
  2. Advise the Coordinator Rural Development on matters related to the development of the villages within their districts.
  3. Advise the Coordinator on matters related to village councils, water boards, community/rural water, wastewater and electrical systems of their designated districts.
  4. Carry out all required duties on a prescribed timescale and ensure that all compliance is up to required standards.
  5. Work as a team to provide excellent oversight and supervision and ensure that any interruption into supply of water in rural communities are kept to a minimum and all stakeholders are kept informed.
  6. Conduct analysis on all components of the systems to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.
  7. Plan, organize and coordinate along with staff and the Coordinator Rural Development relevant training and sensitization sessions for Village Councils, water boards.
  8. Provide weekly, monthly, bi-annual and annual reports to the Coordinator Rural Development on major activities of the Department.
  9. Liaise with other local agencies and co-workers to foster collaboration and coordination for rural transformation of the villages in their designated regions.
  10. Prepare weekly and monthly workplans.
  11. Respond to emergency situations using sound judgement.
  12. Represent the Coordinator Rural Development and Ministry at events, conference and meetings when necessary.

Rural Community Development Officers

The Rural Community Development Officer (RCDO) is tasked to work with Village Councils, Water Boards and Alcaldes and other groups for the improvement and development of rural areas of Belize. They are responsible to:

  1. Develop priority list of the basic informational needs (electricity, water, communication and health service) and monitor and supervise the delivery of those services.
  2. Assist village councils in developing village development plans and project proposals and work with village councils in updating village profiles.
  3. Network with relevant NGOs/GOB Agencies.
  4. Assist and support community groups within rural areas for economic and social development.
  5. Strengthen Village Councils, Water Boards and Alcaldes through relevant training in
    (a) Record Management (proper records keeping, project proposal writing)
    (b) Roles and responsibilities of Village Councils, Water Boards and Alcaldes
    (c) Acts, Regulations and By-Laws
    (d) Meeting procedures
    (e) Conflict resolution.
  6. Assist and advise village leaders, i.e. Village councils, Alcaldes, Water Boards etc., through regular meetings and monitoring to ensure cooperation and rural community development.
  7. Implement Strategies and policies of the Ministry
  8. Prepare weekly and monthly itineraries
  9. Prepare monthly, yearly work plan and reports for area/station.
  10. Organize, support and assist Village Councils, Water Boards and District Associations.
  11. Monitor and Supervise Alcaldeā€™s Elections.
  12. Liaise with DAVCO and NAVCO on a regular basis and inspect Village Councils and Water Boards and DAVCO Reports and Accounts

Our Rural Community Development Officers (RCDO)

Neville Wade

Nemencio Acosta

Jaime Jimenez

Germin Avila

Elmer Osorio

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