Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Unit

Roles and Functions

Well Rig Crew
Well Rig Crew

Most people in urban areas have potable water piped into their homes. In some rural areas however, people do not have water piped into their homes and are dependent on vats, wells, rivers, streams or other sources of water.

The importance of potable drinking water cannot be overemphasized as it hinges on personal hygiene, nutrition, and public health. This precious resource that is so important to sustaining life.

As a means of fulfilling government’s mandate, Rural Development through the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Unit (RWSSU) is tasked with the responsibility to ensure that rural communities have access to good drinking water and continues to drill for new water sources for the villages.

The RWSSU has two (2) well rig crews: Southern and Central; two (2) Rural Water & Electricity Coordinators, a store room clerk and 2 watchmen. The Well Rig Crew are responsible to:

  1. Sets up and operate portable drilling rig
  2. Conduct site inspection and selection along with other relevant personnel
  3. Records drilling progress and geological data.
  4. Listens to sound of drilling machine to determine changes in rock formation.
  5. Carries out test pumping of production wells.
  6. Responsible for the support truck, all tools and related drilling equipment under his care.
  7. Ensure that machinery and equipment are properly maintained.

Rural Water Supply And Sanitation Unit Staff


Jamar Loague
Well Rig Crew

Jaheed Sandoval
Well Rig Crew

Gilberto Ucan
Well Rig Crew

Elsworth Lamb
Store Room Clerk

Alfredo Cucul
Well Rig Crew

Rural Water and Electricity Coordinators

The Rural Water and Electricity Coordinator is a technical position which requires project management skills. The post requires monitoring of activities related to the operations of Water and Wastewater, electrical & mechanical systems in rural communities.

The technical Officer should be highly engaged with the Ministry’s and specifically the Rural Development Section’s Mission, Vision, Core Values and Strategic Objectives and programme of work. The Technical Officer must demonstrate excellent communication skills and the ability to work successfully in a team environment.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Assess the operations and maintenance of all Water and wastewater systems including infrastructure, water collection and distribution, revenue collections and reporting of water boards to the RCDOs.
  2. Plan training sessions to sensitize water Boards on operations and maintenance on water systems and participate in execution of training where necessary
  3. Establish records and keep a log of all wells, water, wastewater and electrical systems in the zone assigned
  4. Ensure that proper records are maintained and in a timely and consistent manner and continue to add data to the Rural Development databases
  5. Work as a team with the RCDOs and other Technical Officers to provide timely reports on water, wastewater and electrical failures, distribution problems and other urgent matters and ensure that any interruption into supply for maintenance or leaks are reported immediately and the National Coordinator and CEO are kept informed.
  6. Report emergency situations to ensure timely and adequate response.
  7. Prepare monthly reports of the systems under zone.

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